Public buildings auditoriums

Batel Auditorium, Cartagena – Vitroflex profiles, Vitroflex PC tubes, polycarbonate profiles.

The Batel is one of the most complex projects on which we have collaborated, being the reference building in the application of thermal plastics in Europe and having received the 2013 architecture biennial prize. The SelgasCano studio uses Vitroflex PMMA for dividing walls, polycarbonate tubes in the facades, and several polycarbonate H colour profiles, with fixings designed by our technical department as a complete system for large buildings. The Batel has an avant-guard design, being built almost entirely in plastic, achieving bright and innovative interiors.

Interior Auditorio Cartagena
Proyecto iluminación

Reyno de Navarra Arena, Osasuna – Vitroflex PC (eye change current photo)

Carried out by TYM associated, this sports centre located in Osasuna has a facade in which its thermoformed opal polycarbonate backlighted cubes stand out, optimizing the use of energy, and allowing interior lighting while also highlighting the facade as an original architectural piece.

Vegas Altas Congress Centre, Villanueva de la Serena – Vitroflex PC panels, Vitroflex,
polycarbonate profiles

In the congress center of Villanueva de la Serena, the architect Carlos Chacón plays with the most appropriate materials for each place according to its use. Vitroflex PMMA windows provide the transparency and versatility to adapt to the organic shapes of the windows, while the polycarbonate profiles and roof polycarbonate printed systems have been tailored by Polimer Tecnic. The lining of the backlit walls was made with a profile custom-made in Vitroflex PC.

Interior Palacio de Congresos Vegas
Factoría Joven de Mérida

Youth factory project, Mérida – Vitroflex corrugated PC

In the youth factory of Mérida, designed by the the SelgasCano studio, the corrugated polycarbonate lining in a special thickness was tailored-made in the requested colours for this project, in which the durability and versatility of the material were key to the selection. The texture of corrugated polycarbonate allows a characteristic game of light and shadow in the youth factory of Mérida, simulating the constant movement in the structure.

Project Expo 2015 Milan, Spanish pavilion – Vitroflex PC

Designed by B720, the Spanish pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015 used polycarbonate sheets for the facade and roof. The total vision of the exterior spaces from any interior point required polycarbonate sheets with protection. These were manufactured in a length of 12 meters and were 30mm thick, tailor-made by Polimer Tecnic for the project.

Pabellón español en Milan
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