Proyectos en interior

Enigma Restaurant, Barcelona – poycarbonate and metal

The Enigma restaurant, a RCR Arquitectos project, executed by one of our best clients, created an enveloping atmosphere to enjoy the cuisine of Albert Adrià. A place where architecture is also the protagonist in this gastronomic space, in which a ceiling made with a polycarbonate diffuser and a metal mesh was installed, accentuating the halo of mystery sought in this project of which Polimer Tecnic has been a provider.

Interior Restaurante Enigma
Mas Marroch

Mas Marroch Dome Project, Girona – Vitroflex tiles

The Mas Marroch dome, designed by the architect Oriol Rosselló, has a hemispherical structure in wood on which Vitroflex tiles have been superimposed, having been specially designed to adapt to curved spaces. For this, the Technical Department of Polimer Tecnic designed a custom fixing system, with a total adaptation to the geometry of the dome.


Made of methacrylate, the NUMMIT BUBBLEWALL has a flat body filled with water, which emits bubbles in constant motion. It´s changing light sequence creates a relaxing atmosphere that invites observation. The bubblewall gives own personality to any space, being an incorporeal art that hypnotizes with its color and oscillation, becoming a highly popular article in interior design like restaurants, beauty centers, spas, hotels, photocalls, shopping centers, shop windows and hospitals where the flow of bubbles invites relaxation.

Installed in the hotel restaurant, the NUMMIT BUBBLEWALL is suitable for any space, being available in different standard sizes. It´s easy installation and resistance make it suitable for any type of area, allowing it´s incorporation into spaces with a large influx of people.

bubblewallpolimertecnic - Contract projects hoteles and restaurants


Made with a transparent cylinder that contains water inside, the NUMMIT VORTEXES are a turbulent spiral rotation flow, with variable current. The generated movement similar to a tornado is contracted, to be able to appreciate it with all its intensity in a closed tube, in an artistic work in which a constant circulation is perceived in continuous change. NUMMIT VORTEXES also incorporate variations of light in the different phases of movement.

The Catalan sculptor Torrent Pagés, brings to its maximum splendor the NUMMIT VORTEXES that go from decorative interiors in private houses, to garden areas, where they are in small sizes, to large exterior monuments, such as the one integrated in his work “ Tree of Life”.

Easy to install and with good resistance to the exterior, the NUMMIT VORTEXES are suitable for any type of space, allowing their incorporation in places with a large number of people. They are distributed in standard sizes with several base options.

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