Exterior proyects: urban design projects

El Molinete Archaeological park, Cartagena – Vitroflex colour and Vitroflex PC minionda for the roof

In El Molinete Archaeological Park, Andrés Cánovas combines technical materials with the ancestral stone in a historic setting. The acrylic blocks that form the perimeter provide colour, highlighting this site. In addition, the polycarbonate cover provides the lightness and durability required in this outer space

El Molinete
proyecto piscinas cilindros

Cylinders Temena, Bulgaria – Vitroflex Aquarium

Developed for outdoor public construction, Vitroflex Aquarium cylinders are very light, while the special methacrylate quality prevents the ageing of the material due to sun exposure.

MoMA project, Louisiana – Vitroflex PC miniwave

The original project of the SelgasCano studio, made for the MoMA, demonstrates once again the versatility of the miniwave, which fits perfectly into a natural space in a characteristic way, fusing nature with the resistance of polycarbonate.

Moma Luisiana
Árbol de la vida Girona

Tree of life, Girona – Vitroflex

Created for the Girona exhibition, Temps de Flors 2017, this work by Catalan sculptor Carles Torrent represents the tree of life in a three-dimensional interpretation, fusing the stainless steel of its structure with the polyvalence of the Vitroflex methacrylate of its base and spheres.

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