Lightben Kaos 3D Black for the new Hines offices in Moscow

A workspace project developed by ABD Architects for the HINES offices in Moscow. The new offices of this important international business development company are located in the Gogolevsky business centre.
The main features of this project are the quality, comfort and sustainability of the working environment in which technology and lifestyle are combined with the maximum functionality and livability of the spaces.
Some of the partitions inside the offices were made with Lightben Kaos 3D Black: this honeycomb is a variant of the Lightben panel which is characterised by having an internal core with cylindrical cells of three different diameter , mixed together in different percentages, creating a pleasantly irregular and original appearance.
Kaos 3D has captured the interest of designers and planners and in addition to its aesthetic value, this material also combines extreme lightness and structural strength.
kaos 3D panels are suitable for fabrication, cutting and to be finished with accessories such as profiles, handles and hinges.
The possibility to edge the panel with same material applied as the outer skins makes it possible to create interior design elements with attention to every aspect

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